The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that counterfeiting and piracy costs the U.S. economy at least $200 billion per year. Read Tips to Stop Fakes!

Counterfeit products not only hurt your brand and the company's bottom line, but they also pose a direct threat to consumers' health, safety and security. Our team of talented attorneys and network of agents work around the globe to address your urgent counterfeit issues.

Our philosophy in addressing this problem is a multi-tiered approach involving a mix of defensive tactics and preventative measures. Our vast experience in federal district court anti-counterfeiting cases provides us with the flexibility to assist you at a moment's notice, whether we are requesting an ex parte seizure order or filing suit against a number of counterfeit distributors. Preventative measures are just as important to address the problem of counterfeit products. Our team has previously worked with U.S. Customs officials on identifying targeted products and increasing the awareness of Customs agents on the detection of counterfeit products. In addition to working with Customs, we can help you implement other proactive measures, such as security devices, to assist in product identification and determent.


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