International Trademark

In today’s global economy, companies need attorneys who can provide worldwide service. Norvell IP assists its clients in obtaining protection for their intellectual property rights in every country in the world. Our attorneys have substantial experience in preparing and executing global protection strategies and are well-versed in the use of international agreements such as the Paris Convention, Madrid Protocol and Patent Cooperation Treaty to secure intellectual property protection in foreign countries. Norvell IP works with its clients to obtain the desired scope of global intellectual property protection in a cost-efficient manner.

Should local legal expertise be required, Norvell IP has a network of trusted associates around the globe. Our attorneys work closely with these firms to resolve any disputes in foreign jurisdictions that may arise. Norvell IP has successfully met the international intellectual property protection needs of clients large and small, and has the requisite background and experience to advise clients regarding expansion into new regions and countries.


Representative cases handled by Norvell IP attorneys